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Evacuation of People with Disability and Emergent Limitations: Considerations for Safer Buildings  and Efficient Evacuations, 2nd Edition

Female office worker using wheelchairFollowing the success of the first release, this is now the 2nd edition of this Guidebook. It has been updated with new content added.

Please click the image of the cover of the Guide below to open the document, which can then be downloaded directly to your computer.

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This Guide is offered to you as a FREE download, but establishing websites to promote the issue and spreading awareness of the need for better ways out of a building for people with disability comes at a personal cost to the author. Every cent generated from donations from this Guide is directly reinvested into maintaining and developing these websites. Even if you don’t donate now, please download, read the Guide first, then consider it.

A suggested donation price is only US$4.95 or a Google Review for the author (which is FREE to do and helps out)

However – to promote the need for accessible egress we’re happy to offer this book for FREE if you do not have the resources, you did not enjoy the book or you did not get something out of it. Thank you.

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Evacuation of People with Disability and Emergent Limitations Book Cover by Lee Wilson

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Buildings need signage to identify the accessible means of egress, including exit paths and exit doors

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