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Stop PressWe’re always happy to talk about the Accessible Exit Sign Project and happy to help with articles about the project.

The following are some links to recent articles on issues relating to disability egress and the Accessible Exit Sign Project:

  1. Wayfinding: Pointing the Way Out, Sourceable article, 22 February 2016, Lee Wilson
  2. Professional Engineer Journal Issue 88, December 2015
  3. Universal Design and Public Space Emergencies, Sourceable article, 1 December 2015
  4. Universal Design Australia, Accessible Exit Signs – New Designs, 23 July 2015
  5. How Do We Expect People with Disabilities to Evacuate? Sourceable article, 18 May 2015, Lee Wilson
  6. How Public Space GEEPs Save Lives, Sourceable article, 24 April 2015, Lee Wilson
  7. Why Workplace PEEPs are Important, Sourceable article, 22 April 2015, Lee Wilson
  8. Building Evacuations and the Social Model of Disability, Sourceable article, 17 March 2015, Lee Wilson
  9. Emergency Lighting, Is Australia’s “Wheelie Man” the Future of Accessible Signage?, 10 March 2015
  10. SPH Planning & Consulting, Accessibility News, Accessible Icon & Accessible Exit Sign Projects, 15 March 2015
  11. International Fire Protection Magazine, ‘Planning for Evacuating People with Disability’ Issue 61, March 2015, pp. 48-50
  12. GAATES at a Glance, volume 2, 7 February 2015
  13. Why we need an Accessible Means of Egress, Sourceable article, 5 February 2015, Lee Wilson
  14. Professional Engineer Journal Issue 85, 3 February 2015
  15. Evacuations, People with Disability and an Ageing Workforce, Sourceable article, 29 January 2015, Lee Wilson
  16. The use of an Accessible Means of Egress Icon exit sign on Emergency Plan Guide, January 2015
  17. The Accessible Exit Sign Project on Veooz, December 2014
  18. Accessible Exit Signs on Interactive Accessibility, 10 December 2014
  19. The Accessible Exit Sign Project Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES), 9 December 2014
  20. Professional Engineer Journal Issue 84, 30 October 2014

Accessible Exit Sign Project on Veooz

Buildings need signage to identify the accessible means of egress, including exit paths and exit doors

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