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The Evolution of Exit SignsThe Accessible Exit Sign Project is a campaign that promotes the need for an accessible means of egress in all buildings.

The concept has been developed by Egress Group Pty Ltd. We think it is time for buildings to show where the accessible egress paths and exit doors are located.

Eureka Tower, Southbank, Melbourne, Fire Refuges, Evacuation LiftsEgress Group is a company based in Melbourne, Australia that promotes the need for an accessible means of egress via its websites and social media presence.

This website presents ideas on the concept of accessible exit signage, in the form of the example accessible exit signs adopting universal design principals on these web pages. It is envisaged that in the near future these signs will become the norm and a minimum requirement in all new buildings around the world.

These example designs can hopefully start discussions between industry stakeholders, disability groups, legislators, developers, and insurers etc, to look at better building design solutions that provide safer buildings, reduce risk and meet the needs of all occupants.

Accessible Exit Sign Project, Egress Group, Accessible Means of Egress Icon 12The ‘Accessible Means of Egress Icon’  is a critical part of the solution to address these issues.

Buildings need signage to identify the accessible means of egress, including exit paths and exit doors

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