Egress Group Releases New Emergency Escape Mask Smoke Hood Icon

Egress Group

Smoke Hood Icon is the Latest Pictogram for Evacuation and Emergency Planning

Emergency Escape Mask Smoke Hood Icon

Please read the Media Release announcing the launch of the new range of smoke hood designs. 

The design has been created to fill a gap internationally and to ensure a consistent approach can be adopted to identify these important safety devices.

During a building fire it is common for smoke to leak throughout the building (generally upwards) which may cause some parts of the building to fill with smoke, even though the fire is on another level.

We believe that everyone deserves a safe means of egress from a building during an emergency, including those that may face some extra challenges negotiating an egress route. Unfortunately, unless the building has an evacuation lift/elevator or smoke protected safe refuges this might mean that people who are unable to evacuate via a stairs might experience toxic smoke whilst they await assistance.

When discussing…

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