Lee Wilson has a vast range of experience in:

  • Access for people with disabilities under Australian Standards (AS1428 suite) and International Standards on Accessibility (ISO 21542)
  • Building compliance
  • Performance based building and fire codes
  • Developing ‘Alternative Solutions’ as a form of compliance with the Access to Premises Standards and the Building Code of Australia
  • Access Management Plans for people with disability
  • Desktop reviews (checking architectural drawings for compliance during each stage of a construction project)
  • Peer Reviews of Alternative Solutions, desktop reviews, accessibility reports, professional opinions and expert judgements.
  • Site inspections, audits and ‘access appraisals’
  • ‘Affected Part’ building inspections (to determine the impact of any new works under current legislation)
  • Advice on the Australian Disability Discrimination Act (1992)
  • Conversion of buildings to another use
  • Risk management
  • Emergency egress for people with disabilities and other emergent limitations
  • Lee is also available as a guest lecturer on building accessibility

Buildings need signage to identify the accessible means of egress, including exit paths and exit doors

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