Exit Door Accessible Signs

Exit Door Accessible Exit Signs

Emergency Evacuation Lift Running Man Accessible Means of Egress Icon Accessible Exit Door SignThe first thing people entering any unfamiliar building should do is to identify where evacuation routes are located. Fortunately, standards are in place in most countries to ensure exit paths and exit doors are clearly identifiable by building occupants.

The provision of exit signs, incorporating in-built emergency lighting is common place above required exit doors, doors on the path to a required exit door and directional signage to identify a path to a required exit door.

More recently, there has been a further need identified to identify an exit door at an accessible height, with the level of the building in Braille and Tactile characters for those building occupants who are blind or have low vision. The following are some examples of such signage suitable for use in all commercial buildings as part of an accessible exit sign strategy adopting the Accessible Means of Egress Icon.

Accessible Means of Egress, Accessible Exit Doors




Buildings need signage to identify the accessible means of egress, including exit paths and exit doors

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