Accessible Exit Sign Project Running Man Wheelchair Wheelie Man Symbol Accessible Means of Egress Icon Exit Sign 3The inclusion of the Accessible Means of Egress Icon (or ‘Wheelie Man’ as it has been affectionately referred to) into any exit signage strategy will make accessible means of egress (otherwise known as paths of egress) clear to all building occupants.

The adoption of the  Accessible Means of Egress Icon  on exit signs could help to identify the accessible means of egress, which could include:

  1. Exit Doors by providing an illuminated sign, with in-built emergency lighting over each exit door, or to direct you to a required exit door.
  2. Exit Doors by placing a sign on the wall adjacent to any required Exit Door, at an accessible height.
  3. Emergency Evacuation Lifts, by providing a sign adjacent to the lift, at an accessible height.
  4. Refuge Areas (or Refuge Points) within fire protected compartments of the building, where people requiring assistance can move to, then be evacuation down (or up) the fire stairs with the use of an Emergency Evacuation Chair. From this safe area, they can then move to a safe area outside the building. These should be provided at an accessible height, with communication systems.
  5. Emergency Evacuation Chairs within Refuge Areas (i.e. on enlarged fire stair landings).
  6. Paths of travel from accessible exits leading to a Safe Area or Assembly Area outside the building.



Buildings need signage to identify the accessible means of egress, including exit paths and exit doors

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