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Evacuation and Emergency Management Cartoons

Cartoons Send a Clear Message

Lee Wilson, founder of the Accessible Exit Sign Project believes that cartoons are an excellent way to send a message in a clear, informative and humorous way. As people say, “a picture paints a thousand words“.

The following cartoons are a creative collaboration between Lee Wilson and Michael Richards.  Michael is a professional cartoonist based in Washington in the U.S. Michael’s the creative drawing talent and Lee comes up with the ideas and colors in the cartoons.

Whilst these cartoons may not be humorous, we hope that they can help highlight the need for accessible buildings with an accessible means of egress.

Please contact Lee to discuss the free use of these cartoons for non-commercial purposes, such as in presentations, websites, newsletters, magazines or the like where they will help convey an important message.

A Lack of Emergency Evacuation Lift

Cartoon of a lady using a wheelchair looking at Non Emergency Elevator

No accessible egress via a fire stairs

Cartoon of a lady using a Wheechair in Fire Stairs looking down the stairs

Emergency Evacuation Lift

Cartoon of a fire fighter standing in evacuation lift saying come this way I'll take you down to a man with a guide dog with Braille Sign

Cartoon of a fire fighter standing in evacuation lift saying come this way I'll take you down to a woman in a wheelchair with Braille Sign

Refuge Area Communication

Cartoon of a lady using a Wheechair in Fire Refuge using Communications with Accessible Means of Egress Icon

Evacuation Chair Use

Cartoon of a man using an Evacuation Chair in Fire Stairs to help a lady down the stairs

Network Messages via Computer System

Cartoon of a man wearing a hearing aid looking at a computer screen telling him the building is being evacuated

Non-Accessible Exit Door

Cartoon of an elederly man using a walking frame trying to open an exit door


Egress Group Releases New Emergency Escape Mask Smoke Hood Icon

Egress Group

Smoke Hood Icon is the Latest Pictogram for Evacuation and Emergency Planning

Emergency Escape Mask Smoke Hood Icon

Please read the Media Release announcing the launch of the new range of smoke hood designs. 

The design has been created to fill a gap internationally and to ensure a consistent approach can be adopted to identify these important safety devices.

During a building fire it is common for smoke to leak throughout the building (generally upwards) which may cause some parts of the building to fill with smoke, even though the fire is on another level.

We believe that everyone deserves a safe means of egress from a building during an emergency, including those that may face some extra challenges negotiating an egress route. Unfortunately, unless the building has an evacuation lift/elevator or smoke protected safe refuges this might mean that people who are unable to evacuate via a stairs might experience toxic smoke whilst they await assistance.

When discussing…

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Evacuation Guidebook Sponsorship Opportunities

The Evacuation Guidebook

Over the past two years Lee Wilson, founder of The Accessible Exit Sign project has been researching the area of evacuation considerations for people with disability.

Evacuation Guidebook cover, Evacuation of People with Disability and Emergent Limitations, by Lee WilsonFollowing the initial review he released a Guidebook titled “Evacuation of People with Disability & Emergent Limitations: Considerations for Safer Buildings & Efficient Evacuations”.

Since the 1st edition release in July 2014 the Guide has been downloaded as a PDF document over 900 times and shared in countless workplaces around the world.

The Guide has also been featured in the International Fire Protection Magazine, both in the May 2015 printed magazine and on-line. The online article continues to link to the download page.

This Guide is now currently being updated and is due for re-release on 19 October 2015. This date will be a few days after the Association of Consultants in Access Australia Conference (7-9 October 2015). Lee Wilson is also presenting the Universal Design meets the Exit Sign White Paper at the conference and will be promoting the Guide in the presentation.

The 2nd edition of the Guide will contain approximately 165 pages in total, including useful information and considerations for all building occupants, including people with disability, the elderly, the young and any other person who might find it a little difficult to leave a building in an emergency.

5 Year Sponsorship Opportunities

For a limited time until 12 October 2015, Lee is offering sponsorship opportunities for companies willing to partner with him. He needs resources to convert the Guide to other accessible formats, and to a dedicated website, and can offer great exposure for your company or services if you help.

Note – this a 5 YEAR COMMITMENT! 

For those parties that are interested:

  • You have the opportunity to advertise your company on a national and international platform for a minimum of 5 years.
  • You will provide some important funding to continue my campaigns and programs to spread awareness of disability egress issues and fund the hosting of my websites.
  • Revenue from sponsorship also helps to fund conversion of the Guide into other accessible formats, for everyone’s use.
  • You will already be active in the area of evacuation, emergency management, building surveying, fire engineering, disability access, evacuation devices etc. and have products or services that complement the subject matter.  

In return for your sponsorship:

  • The Guidebook will remain a FREE download for a minimum of 5 years.
  • He will list your name or company under a ‘Sponsors’ heading of the PDF document, located in the Preface section (before the Table of Contents).
  • Your actual advertisement will appear in your selected location of the document.
  • He will leave your advertisement and listing in the Guide for at least 5 years, as there is no intention to update this Guide in the near future again, so your details will remain in the Guide for a minimum of 5 years. That presents as a good investment.
  • He will also add you to a list of Evacuation Guide Sponsors under the main menu on the Accessible Exit Sign Project website where the Guide is available. He will include a company name, company website and a small 250px x 200px image of your choosing to this page. This webpage is already live and waiting for your details. Your details will remain there for at least 5 years.

Accessible Exit Sign Project Evacuation Guide Sponsors

Sponsorship Options

The following sponsor packs are available, and they come on a first come, first served basis:

  • Quarter page advertisements under your chosen Guide Section $500
  • Half page advertisements under your chosen Guide Section $800
  • Inside front cover $1,500 full page
  • Inside front cover $800 half page (top or bottom)
  • Rear cover $1,200 full page
  • Inside rear cover $900 full page
  • Inside rear cover $500 half page (top or bottom)
  • Centre page (left) $1,000 full page
  • Centre page (right) $1,200 full page
  • Centre page (top left) $500 half page
  • Centre page (bottom left) $500 half page
  • Centre page (top right) $600 half page
  • Centre page (bottom right) $600 half page

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please note that Lee holds discretion to what is considered acceptable content and may not accept any company name, service, or artwork that does not align to the Guidebook subject matter.
  2. All advertisements will have the word Advertisement placed above.
  3. Full page, half page and quarter page sizes are based on A4 page sizes, being 2480 x 3508 pixels.
  4. Half page and quarter page size advertisements to be supplied in high resolution .JPG or .PNG file formats.
  5. Half page and quarter page size advertisements will be located in the best possible position within the text to optimize your advertisement.
  6. Full page size advertisements can also be supplied in .PDF file formats.
  7. Companies may choose to select multiple options to achieve maximum exposure.
  8. A tax invoice will be supplied to all Sponsors.
  9. Currency listed above is Australian Dollar AUD
  10. Payment can be made via PayPal or EFT.

Thank you

Please contact Lee for details at –

Evacuation Guidebook cover, Evacuation of People with Disability and Emergent Limitations, by Lee Wilson

Braille Exit Sign Invisibility

More support for accessible exit signs that remove confusion, provide greater clarity and send a clear message about where exits are located. More importantly, where accessible exits are located, so all occupants, including those using a mobility device can get out in an emergency.

Fixtures Close Up

Only scant inches across these small button signs where scattered helter-skelter like bread crumbs, leading toward the exit. But if they make no sound, are small, and vary in location, and wall left-to-right. How do the unsighted find and know to read the Braille? There was not even a Braille sign on the actual exit door at the end of the passage. This was surely an attempt to reach out, and as sighted myself I don’t know what I would have done to make my retail handicapped accessible in this regard. But if you are placing Braille Signs you might research where the unsighted would be likely to find or look for them.

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