Braille Exit Sign Invisibility

More support for accessible exit signs that remove confusion, provide greater clarity and send a clear message about where exits are located. More importantly, where accessible exits are located, so all occupants, including those using a mobility device can get out in an emergency.

Fixtures Close Up

Only scant inches across these small button signs where scattered helter-skelter like bread crumbs, leading toward the exit. But if they make no sound, are small, and vary in location, and wall left-to-right. How do the unsighted find and know to read the Braille? There was not even a Braille sign on the actual exit door at the end of the passage. This was surely an attempt to reach out, and as sighted myself I don’t know what I would have done to make my retail handicapped accessible in this regard. But if you are placing Braille Signs you might research where the unsighted would be likely to find or look for them.

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