Safety Signs Limited Wheelchair Disabled Accessible Signs

Exciting Media Release: New Licensed Partner – Safety Sign Sales Limited, Christchurch New Zealand

Our New Licensed Partner

We would like to announce that Safety Sign Sales Limited in New Zealand is now a licensed partner of the Accessible Exit Sign Project.

Safety Signs Limited Wheelchair Disabled Accessible Exit Signs

To get a full PDF copy of this Media Release, dated 5 January 2015 click the link below

Media Release 5 January 2015 Licensed Partner – Safety Sign Sales Limited.

The contact details for Safety Sign Sales Limited are provided below:

Safety Sign Sales Limited is New Zealand’s leading supplier of Safety Signs to schools, industry, small and large businesses.

Safety Sign Sales has been creating and distributing signs both to the retail sector and the wholesale sector for over 20 years. They also proudly support a network of local Christchurch businesses to create their extensive range of signs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Safety Sign Sales Limited for their support of the Project and commitment to improving the built environment for people with disability in the form of supplying accessible exit signs.

Licensed Partners

We encourage signage companies around the world to become licensed partners of the Accessible Exit Sign Project. By doing so you will not only present as an organisation that considers corporate social responsibility a priority, but you’ll also have a unique product in the market place. You can then use the Icon on our designs, or you can design your own signs to suit your needs or local legislative requirements. We also encourage all those involved in public infrastructure projects to consider the use of the ‘Accessible Means of Egress Icon’ within your own projects as we can also work on project specific license agreements.

Please contact us at, we’d love to add you to our list of licensed partners.