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Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign Official Launch

Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign is an initiative of The Accessible Exit Sign Project.

Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign Laptop SkinThe Project is an international awareness campaign that promotes the need for an accessible means of egress. The objectives of the Project are to start discussions between industry stakeholders, disability groups, legislators, developers, and insurers etc, to look at better building design solutions that provide safer buildings, reduce risk and meet the needs of all occupants.

A critical part of safe evacuations is providing clear wayfinding information for all occupants, with appropriate exit signage to identify the accessible exits, refuge areas, evacuation lifts and other evacuation devices.

The Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign concept presents a case to support the use of these signs in all buildings, which can provide a safer built environment. This justification and rationale for adopting the new accessible exit signs is detailed within a comprehensive White Paper.

The approach taken when preparing the White Paper has been to release a combination of mediums, including a website, audio files and a document in accessible formats. These are now available for download.

Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign Website Screen Image

Accessible Exit Sign Project Fundraising Merchandise

Hi, we are excited to announce that there is a complete new range of t-shirts and hoodies available from Teespring.com

Accessible Exit Sign Project fundraiser shirts (40)

These have been made available to try to generate some funding for the project and help pay overheads (web hosting, domain name registrations, marketing, etc.).

If you feel like you’ll enjoy one of these shirts, please consider making a purchase. Thank you  (they’re available for a limited time ranging from 11 days to 26 days depending on design).

T-shirt Campaign – Everybody Deserves a Way Out of a Building During an Emergency

Great News!

‘Everybody Deserves a Way Out of a Building During an Emergency’

You can now get your own t-shirt to help promote the Accessible Exit Sign Project. It also helps finance new ideas, pay the bills and keep this website on-line as a free resource (without advertising). Thanks everyone – grab a great Tee at a great price 🙂 Oh – there’s also tanks, hoodies and long sleeve tees too. #accessibleexitsign

Get them here – http://teespring.com/everybody-deserves-a-way-out